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Immunity Boosting Ginger Blue Mocktail

Immunity Boosting Ginger Blue Mocktail

A twist on the classic mojito recipe. The cucumber and palm sugar add more energizing B-vitamins.

Makes a 12oz drink


1 teaspoon frozen or fresh blueberries (if frozen, take it 10 - 30 mins in advance)

1/4 peeled cucumber chopped into small cubes

1 teaspoon chopped candied ginger or grated fresh ginger

1 teaspoon of palm sugar or blueberry jam or jelly 2-3 oz crushed ice


Combine all ingredients in the bottom of a sturdy cup or mug. Using a muddler squish all ingredients together for about a minute. (you can add mint if you’d like for a more classic twist) Top up with soda water and serve.

Blueberries are known as an antioxidant superfood. Take into consideration that different antioxidants act upon different tissues - the active potent ingredients belong to a class known as flavonoids which while being protective to the small blood vessels in the heart, brain, eyes, skin and other organs; flavonoids are also known to help with the absorption of Vitamin C.